Justin Brunson

Executive Chef and owner Justin Brunson brings more than two decades of culinary experience to Brunson & Co., his family of restaurants in Denver, CO, that includes Old Major, Masterpiece Delicatessen, Culture Meat & Cheese and the upcoming Royal Rooster and Folsom Foods. Brunson attended Scottsdale’s Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and obtained an internship in 2001 with renowned Chef Michael DiMaria at Michael’s at the Citadel. In 2004, Brunson moved to Denver to work with Chef Richard Sandoval. After moving on to work with award-winning Chef Frank Bonanno, Brunson moonlighted at Fruition in 2008 while he was in the process of opening up his first business, Masterpiece Delicatessen. In February 2013, Old Major opened its doors. It was quickly named one of 5280 Magazine’s Best New Restaurants in 2013 and Best Restaurants in 2014 and 2015. Today, Executive Chef Jason Brown is at the helm in the kitchen while Brunson travels the country with the Food Network as a guest host for multiple episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

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