JubalPresently Jubal performs acoustically solo, or with other special guests; he plays fretless bass with Danny Shafer and the 21st Century; he plays guitar with Lionel Young and Mark Diamond’s super group, “The Heavy Cats;” he plays guitar with The Nederland Fusion Workshop aka Tim the Band; he is currently developing a new full band project called “Bread and Circus,” which is a blend of Soul/Funk/Reggae/Rock and Blues.
Jubal has been writing and performing his own music for more than twenty years. He is a multi-instrumentalist with his forte being the guitar. Jubal has played his unique style of music all over the country, including both coasts and in between. Jubal is masterful with acoustic and electric guitars. He is a solid rhythm, and burning lead player. He adds to the music a color not often seen in a guitar player. Jubal is also an adept working bass player and has recorded several albums with various artists as a bassist. He occasionally collaborates with other bands as a percussionist. Jubal sings powerful melody and precise harmony vocals of his own composed lyrics as well as cover songs and improvisation. Depending upon the venue, Jubal can be seen playing instrumental jazz, solo acoustic shows, full band shows, or his awe inspiring looping performances in which he utilizes a Boomerang Digital Sampler to play bass, percussion, rhythm, and lead guitar, as well as sing lead and harmony. Jubal’s music, which is comprised of many genres including jazz, reggae, funk, and blues, is somewhat political, soulfully expressive, and often socially satirical. Jubal’s passion for freedom of thought and expression is clearly audible in songs and lyrics that range from simple inspiring melodies to much more intricate and complicated compositions.
In 1999, Jubal moved to Austin, Texas, to reach a new audience and experience “the live music capitol of the world.” Jubal played sometimes five or six nights a week and also collaborated with other well-known local Austin bands during his five year stint there, including bass with “The Stingers ATX,” a now NY based rock-steady/ska band. In 2004 Jubal moved to The Front Range in Colorado from Austin, and immediately started the reggae band “The Rude Boys,” which performed regularly until summer of 2011, when their bass player moved away from the area. The Rude Boys are presently on hiatus while they search for a replacement bass player.
Jubal played guitar for “Selasee and the Fa-fa Family,” a West-African ensemble from 2007-2009. Jubal played bass with a West-African ensemble, “The Bizung Family” from 2007 – 2011 and is on their album “Land of Fire”Jubal which was released in 2010. The improvisational “Lucid Alouishes,” was Jubal’s fusion project with an ever changing line-up until recently when he combined his fusion efforts with Tim the Band, for the Nederland Fusion Workshop. Jubal attended the University of Arizona, while playing with several bands. He graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Music Theory and Composition minor. Jubal is also a sound engineer and was consulted for and or ran sound in many of the venues in Austin and elsewhere. Jubal is a nationally published, award winning poet and author. He is published in several nationally released anthologies and has been or is presently a contributing writer for The Mountain-Ear Newspaper, Weird Magazine, The Santa Fe Reporter, The Austin Paratimes News, and the Boulder based music magazine The Marquee.

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