Emanuel Martinez

Emanuel MartinezBorn in Denver, Colorado in 1947, Emanuel Martinez began his career as an artist at the age of thirteen, when he painted his first mural. His art education includes workshops with world renowned artists and sculptors including David A. Siquieros and Francisco Zuniga. At the age of 20, Emanuel did a major work and two other pieces that are now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. As a muralist, painter and sculptor he occupies an outstanding status among nationally known artists. Since establishing a studio in 1968, Martinez has received international acclaim and prestigious awards for his design capabilities and high standards of workmanship. He enjoys personalizing compositions for clients and doing public works of art for site-specific environments. His work is lively, timeless, yet conveys a sense of serenity. He has been featured in over 300 newspaper/magazine articles and 37 published books, including a book written on his art career entitled: “Emanuel Martinez: A Retrospective”.
I paint in both oils and acrylics, depending on what effects, what subjects and what I feel like painting with. Each medium has its own characteristics or properties that are different, yet they allow us to express the same idea but with a different underlying feeling. We compose with the basic elements of all painting; shape, color and line. However, the feelings a medium evokes in the artist and the viewer are different from one another. It’s like reading the same poem in two different languages. Both versions can say more or less. My responsibility, as an artist, is simply to say more with whatever medium I choose to work with. As for the finished artwork, I’ll leave that up to the viewer to interpret.

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