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I have been a cross-genre musician since the age of 10, where I was classically trained in the saxophone. In 2005, I began my first musical group, a punk-rock thrasher band by the name of Clothesline-55, in which I was instrumental in forming the band’s lyricism and grungy sound. In 2007 I then left the band to explore new sounds and began working with a jazz-fusion band named Killdozerz, from Milwaukee, WI. I was responsible for vocals, but also contributed as the rhythm guitarist and saxophonist. Upon reaching Madison, WI for school, I began working completely solo, focusing my time energy on electronic music, particularly playing high-energy drum & bass, glitch hop, and drumstep. I have been a DJ since 2009, and am now focusing my attention to producing and printmaking, for which I will be receiving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

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