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William SheahanWilliam grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Dallas in 1981. His first job in Dallas was building armored cars. On the weekends, he watched a friend working as a bench jeweler and he was intrigued. The friend hired William and paid him $1 an hour. After two years, William made more commission than his friend could pay so he started his own jewelry company out of his garage. Today, in his free time, William rides motorcycles and spends time with his two daughters. William Sheahan began designing jewelry by hand in his garage on a homemade work bench in 1984. This year William Sheahan Designs, Inc., celebrated its 29th anniversary in custom design, production, sales and repair of fine custom jewelry.
Formerly known as Forward Designs, William Sheahan Designs now has a showroom in the historic Snider Plaza Shopping Area. After working at a local Dallas jewelry store for two years as a master repairer and stone setter, William knew he could do more. By creating William Sheahan Designs, Inc., his goal was to become one of the industry’s leading trade shops. He knew how rare it was to incorporate wax carving, custom jewelry repair, and manufacturing. For many years, William provided a great deal ofWilliam Sheahan trade work to the retail industry while based out of the World Trade Center in Dallas.
In the early 1980s, William was early working with platinum, before it became popular again for jewelry. Because of his ability and knowledge regarding platinum, he was chosen to work with many high-end retailers such as Tiffany, Fred Joaillier, Cartier, Neiman-Marcus, and more. Over the years, William Sheahan Designs has employed and trained some of the finest jewelers and support team in the jewelry industry. All over the world, people enjoy the fine jewelry made at William Sheahan Designs.

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