SudieMerging classical training with a unique DIY recording process, Sudie is an artist who’s truly forging her own territory. The 25-year-old singer, songwriter and musician describes her sound as “something jazzy meets kind of crazy… if Bjork had arranged something for Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday to sing over.” It’s a sound she’s crafted all by herself, utilizing a keyboard, microphone and MacBook inside the confines of her tiny bathroom in Dallas, TX.
In 2015, Sudie released her debut self-titled EP through the boutique record label Computer Ugly. “Each song is like an individual piece of my soul, an anthology. I’ve studio music for most of my life so this is a collage of those things I’ve picked up, learned, and been inspired by along the way, with my own twist.” The video “Heartattack,” the EP’s lead single, premiered on Jezebel and symbolizes the loss of innocence from childhood to adulthood in with Sudie disrobing until she’s nude at the end.
In the time since the release of her Sudie EP, Sudie has been featured on the cover of the Dallas Observer and featured in D Magazine and Austere Magazine. She has performed numerous shows and festivals, including opening for Empress Of.

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