Shondalla Calder


My name is Shondalla Calder and I’m a solo violinist, music composer, and performer. I love sharing my music any chance I get. I bring a twist to the violin. I love combining classical, hip hop, and pop music together. Im from Albany Georgia. I started playing the violin at the age 11. From there my love of the violin continued to grow. I’ve always dreamed of being a music performer. I was inspired by a group “Nuttin But Stringz” to play the violin with a hip hop style, and the rest is history.
I perform at weddings, private parties, and local open mics. My team consists of my husband, Andre Calder, and my brothers, Terriance Walters, and Joseph James. Andre is my videographer, graphic designer, and he also squeezes in managing my music and social media. Terriance and Joseph are the masterminds behind helping me compose my music. I love knowing that I have the opportunity to leave people uplifted and encouraged.

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