Rick McCoy

Born in August 1982 Rick McCoy began his artistic life at a tender age, creating drawings and abstract art out of found objects. McCoy finds creative inspiration from the entire world around him and everyday life. In his teens he found a piece of Asian Art at an antiques store and a love affair began.
Rick attended the University of Kansas first studying Architecture putting his OCD and attention to detail to good use. Eventually realizing it wasn’t the profession in which he belonged, McCoy switched majors and started studying art, more specifically East Asian Art and Culture. While studying art he took his first sculpture course and something inside him clicked.
In the Fall of 2009 McCoy transferred colleges and began his sculpture career at the University of North Texas where he later earned a (BFA) Bachelors of Fine Art in Sculpture. McCoy has a constant yearning to create and physically make art. He wants to analyze, anatomize, and fully comprehend as many different materials as he possibly can. Yet at the same time keep his subject matter constant, and creating a consistent body of work.

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