Randee Strand

Randee StrandRandee Strand is an award-winning artist, who has consistently been voted Best Makeup Artist in North Texas five years in a row. A proven authority in makeup lessons, celebrity-worthy makeovers, and the Dallas wedding makeup artist industry keep her in high demand. I love using my hands to bring out the beauty I see in each face. Designing a look for a client is so personal. I’m not only responsible for creating stunning makeup for you, but I constantly work with people’s insecurities, opinions, and their personalities. I strive to understand who you are, as well as your beauty goals.
I truly believe that at the end of the day, you are the one who needs to look and feel absolutely gorgeous. Let me show you how beautiful you really are, sometimes it just takes a little makeup with a light touch to build your confidence so you can see it too. The craziest thing I’ve ever heard of is a bride booking everything else first and then contemplating whether or not to invest in her appearance. Hiring our professional team is as essential as the investment you put into your wedding gown and photographer. Skimping on your face in portraits and on the wedding day is a huge mistake! Your photographs are going to be the only lasting memories you have years later. Inexperienced “bargain” stylists can end up costing you more than you think.Randee Strand
Not only are you setting yourself up for a beauty disaster and unwanted stress, but unsanitary practices can infect you and your entire wedding party. The authority in professional makeup lessons for over 12 years, we have proven results that a personalized one-on-one lesson is invaluable. You get a full 2-hours dedicated to your particular face shape, skin type, and skin tone. You receive a specialized lesson starting from skin care to the finished face, as well as detailed instructions so you can recreate your look easily. We educate you by focusing on your specific concerns. Due to limited availability, we require a scheduled appointment time to secure your personal face specialist.

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