Pete Lacker


At age sixteen I built a darkroom in my parent’s basement to escape the cold Michigan winters. Those skills landed me a job at the weekly newspaper. After high school I joined the Air Force where I found myself dangling inside a missile silo at midnight to photograph launch damage. On other days, I was shooting aerial photos over the Pacific out the open door of a Huey. What is it about a low flying helicopter that bothers everyone at a nude beach? Having earned the GI Bill, I headed down the coast to Santa Barbara, where I attended Brooks Institute of Photography. After graduating with honors, I packed my portfolio and headed to Dallas where I started my studio.
For over 25 years, I have viewed my corporate and industrial clients as having a great story. For each project, I show the people behind the company, their passion and dedication for doing their jobs well. Together these portraits along with the environmental shots tell the story of American innovation and ingenuity.

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