Matt K.


Matt K. is a professional singer/songwriter from Grapevine, TX. He’s best described as a cross between John Mellencamp and John Mayer. He regularly plays at coffee houses, pubs and restaurants across the DFW metroplex. and even opened up for Foghat as the local act at Grapefest in 2017.
He creates smooth sounds on the guitar with a warm, clean tone that just reaches into your soul. He has a vocal quality that takes you on a tour through of how rock used to feel. There is a grit to his voice and depth to his music that the audience just falls in love with.
In addition to his original music, he does fresh acoustic covers and smooth jazz instrumental improvisation that will give you goosebumps. His show has something for everyone from Bon Jovi to Hootie and the Blowfish to Ed Sheeran to Tom Petty. His music is fun and his show is adaptable to the big stage or the small. He can create a fun party atmosphere or set the ambiance as background music.

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