Lisa Ehrich


I make clay objects that are influenced by nature. Embedded in the layers of intention and accident are the ideas that inspire my work: the sensuality of form, implied volume, human touch to a natural object, symbols of fragility, healing, and regeneration.
My experience of working with clay cannot be separated from my life experience which includes a passion for research and travel. My eyes, head, and spirit have been filled with the images of a ceramic world that include ancient skills, timeless forms, conceptual and symbolic content. Italian niches, Stonehenge, the Canadian Rockies, my backyard garden and much more reside in my subconscious well that feeds my imagery and symbolism.
I move from throwing to handbuilding seeking the process that best actualizes the ideas that emerge. My surfaces are intended to reveal the form, to feel like the skin of an object, appearing as a natural consequence of its being. I focus on atmospheric firings to achieve the desired effects and often use sandblasting a final step. A medley of other materials is sometimes employed to complete a concept which results in a visually poetic combination.

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