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Here’s what we know for sure after being wedding photographers for more than 700 couples; great photographs, the ones that really make you feel something, are deeply personal and not really meant for social media or the wedding industry consumption. It’s not that glossy, beautiful, images of empty tables, bouquets and shoes aren’t a necessary record of the design, style and background of the day but they’re not at all what is really important about hiring a photographer that cares about the real meaning of wedding photography. If that resonates with you, I think we might be a great fit. Here’s an example of what we mean; the reason one of us will always be with you and your father in the very last seconds before you walk down the aisle is because, that moment is so powerful for every dad. We’ve seen fathers kiss their daughters on the forehead, the same kiss they’ve been giving their girls every day of fatherhood. We even have a photo we love of a dad making a funny face in that emotional moment just to diffuse the tension and make his daughter smile, just as he’s done in every big moment they’ve had together. Many more times it comes in the form of a subtle squeezing of a hand, as if to say, ‘I’m so proud to be your father’. Those moments represent the real meaning of a wedding and are exactly what we mean when we say deeply personal. Those who have them, those images are a representation of the bond they have with their dads and delivering those types of image is 100% why we’re wedding photographers.
Look, we know choosing a wedding photographer from the internet is pretty hard, you’re looking at limited
portfolios among websites that are mostly the same but we’re here to tell you having a team who really cares, is there to guide you through the day and understands people makes a real difference. To do that we genuinely need to know you, which is why we try hard to photograph engagement portraits for everyone we work with. That part of the process, if done right, is a two way street because we get to know you, learn about your families and your wedding plans and you get comfortable with us and an understanding of what it’s like to be in front of the camera.
Beyond that, choosing us is just that, you get us, our full attention as a husband and wife team not just on your wedding day but throughout the process. Our greatest
testimonial happens every fall when dozens of our wedding clients call us to document their families in portraits for the holidays, it’s an honor and a reminder that our job can be a life long relationship that we earn through trust and consistent results. Call us if any of this resonates with you, if you’re stuck trying to understand how to see behind the curtain and make an informed decision, or if you don’t mind glossy images of flowers but you NEED images that go beyond basic and really reach you.

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