Francie Krienitz

Resting somewhere between hell raiser and hippie, Francie has spent the last few years on a wild ride chasing neon lights, hotel signs, and shooting stars, playing hundreds of shows throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. Her musical journey blossomed out of a dark place spawned out of tragedy and abuse, and led her on a path filled with love and happiness. Her transformation from “Francie Krienitz” to simply, “Francie” showcased the riddance of her past tragedies and her rising above to simply be who she was always meant to be. With humble beginnings, Francie spent her childhood singing on her grandfathers lap, auditioning for church musicals, and singing in the church choir. She wrote her first song around age 7, and kept dabbling in various instruments, writing methods, and singing throughout the years while working various jobs, playing varsity softball & volleyball, and beginning college early. She went on to graduate from Texas A&M University, with a degree in Marine Science, along with courses in numerous other fields, primarily medicine and writing. In 2014, Francie began dabbling more seriously in music and songwriting. She played a couple of shows filled with country covers, and even wrote a couple of songs which would later be featured on her debut album, Cigarettes & Whiskey. However, tragedy struck that summer during her birthday celebration. A large pot of boiling crawfish fell onto her, leaving her with over a third of her body covered in first and second degree burns. Francie defied the doctors expectations and was able to eventually regain the ability to play guitar and have full use of her legs. However, this accident led her down a path littered with addiction, abuse, PTSD, and into a very dark place.
Despite the odds, Francie went on to release her debut album, Cigarettes & Whiskey, under name, Francie Krienitz, on her two year burn-aversary, June 25, 2016. This album showcases songs she wrote about loving someone you can’t have or the death of a friend, all the way to party songs and ones that showcase her feistiness, all presented in a refreshing outside-the-box manner. This album produced two radio singles, “I Won’t Be Bothered” and “The Same Mistake”. “I Won’t Be Bothered” reached the Top 50 on TRRR & was #145 on the TRRR Top 200 Songs of 2016. “The Same Mistake” reached the Top 75 on TRRR. She was nominated “New Female Vocalist of the Year” for both the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards & Big Star Music Awards in both 2016 & 2017. Francie took a step back from the chaos and lights in 2018 to focus on her writing and personal life. Meanwhile, she has been playing drums and singing backup vocals in The Garage Door Boys?, and has relocated from the Houston area to the Dallas area. She wrote pages upon pages of new songs with an even more “real” feel than those on her first album. Currently, Francie is in the beginning stages of recording her second album at B.C. Mudhole. It will be released sometime in 2019, along with another radio single. The official title and release date will be announced soon.

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