Emily Chappell

Emily ChappellEmily’s story doesn’t begin with a lifelong pursuit of art. It begins with love. Starting with a camera and her sweet newborn daughter, she got behind the lens in 2012 to capture beautiful photos to share with family. She took to the camera and her hobby soon became a source of happiness. With her husband’s encouragement and by the grace of God, she has now photographed weddings for four years and continues to share that joy with countless couples and their families. As a Dallas wedding photographer, Emily works with couples seeking genuine and joyful emotion in their images. A marriage of skills has allowed her to capture the true essence of a marriage of two people. In their home, they laugh until they cry and never take themselves too seriously- and that’s just how she loves relating with her couples! You see, while we like to imagine a wedding day as a moment in time for just theKondrya bride and groom, the truth is that she is their third wheel, capturing the love and preserving the memories of their special day. For her, the moment she delivers the finished product to the newlyweds is truly joyful. To witness them view their relationship represented in their photos and their timeless connection captured is love manifested! Passionate about marriage and family, wedding photography is one of her greatest callings outside of her home. Home is where her husband and children live, where faith is her foundation, and just so happens to be the great state of Texas. She works to provide photos that pass the test of time and grace your own home for years to come!

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