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Corinne BizzleCorinne’s art can be found throughout various stores in the Dallas Metroplex. Corinne also provides commissioned services. Corinne Bizzle’s adoration for art has been driven by her creative family for many generations. This Texas native’s contemporary pieces are often inspired by the abstract expressionist movement, which Jackson Pollock influenced immensely. The layering technique Corinne applies in the majority of her paintings allows room for curiosity on behalf of the viewer. She continues to step out of her comfort zone, challenging herself to use a wider variety of media inCorinne Bizzle order to develop new techniques and styles. From charcoal figure drawings to abstract geometric acrylic paintings, Corinne’s artistic abilities and skills are of a wide variety. Most comfortable working on extra large canvases, Corinne continues to push her boundaries and inspire others with her bold choices of color, placement, and line.

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