Cecilia Wichmann

Cecilia was born in Miami, FL. As a nine month old baby she moved with her mother to Sweden where her grandparents lived. She became Swedish citizen at the same time her mother transferred her own Danish citizenship to Swedish in 1981. Since both USA and Sweden accept dual citizenship, Cecilia was able to keep her American citizenship. Cecilia attended Swedish school and graduated high school with a degree in social studies. She then got the opportunity to live a year in Switzerland and study a 13th year of high school at Leysin American School. She took this year to explore Europe through music in the same time she improved her English. She participated in several musical productions and was also accepted to the World Honor Choir in Wienna in 1999. Horses has always been close to Cecilia’s heart. She got the opportunity to start her own equestrian business in 2000. She sold the business in 2005 when the family relocated to another town. In 2008 the family decided to move back to The United States with all animals, horses and dogs. The reason for Terrell was just “Gods wish”. They didn’t know anyone when they moved here but was met by a very welcoming community. In 2005 Cecilia had a voicebox paralysis after a thyroid surgery. She had to remain quiet for almost 7 months and it was not sure wether she would ever come back to music again. But with good coaching from her grandmother May-Lis Nilsson she worked hard to regain strength in her vocal chords.Cecilia got the opportunity to perform at Beijing’s kick off party to the Olympic Games in 2007, an experience she holds very dear to her heart.
Unfortunately Cecilia had a relapse of the voicebox paralysis in 2012. Once again the road back to recovery was long but Cecilia was determined to do it again. At this time Cecilia was having music as a hobby and not many knew about her past within performance. But it wasn’t until 2014 that Cecilia was cleared by doctors to start practice for a professional career again. Cecilia had the honor to meet Melinda Doolittle at a conference in Nashville in 2015. Melinda challenged and inspired Cecilia and said that if she worked hard for the next year, they would sing a duet together when Melinda visited Terrell. Just over a year later Melinda surprised Cecilia and kept her promise! This was a confidence boost for Cecilia who then decided to put more energy and effort into her music. She in the same time released her first album Welcome Home. Welcome Home came to life in just one week. Cecilia was asked prior the show with Melinda if she had anything resent recorded which she didn’t. Thanks to friends and supporters Cecilia jumped in the studio and recorded 8 songs in 10 hours straight. They also added to songs recorded a year earlier for a private purpose. ecilia was advised about an audition to sing the National Anthem at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, TX. She decided to give it a shot, something that would turn out to be a good choice. She was selected and performed the Anthem in November 2017. Cecilia states that this is the best performance she has done since she moved to the United States. Cecilia is today a well known social media personality. She is the news host for InTerrell.Net and during 2018 she will also host her own show at KFCE 95.5 in Wills Point, TX. She works with many different projects either as a project manager or artist. She is active in First Baptist Church in Terrell and E! Terrell.

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