Anh Pham


Anh Pham (Ann) is a Texas-based makeup artist and hair stylist serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and surrounding cities. She is a natural-born artist, self-taught and professionally trained in makeup artistry and hair. She loves what she does and take great pleasure in creating walking pieces of art one at a time. Anh has 9 years of industry experience in providing a wide range of work including bridal services, fashion photography, and film. She is a versatile artist with a wide range of experiences. Her portfolio includes bridals from traditional American-style wedding to ethnic weddings with multiple events over a series of days. She is well experienced working with clients of all ethnicity, ages and backgrounds. Always researching and upgrading to keep her kit up-to-date and be prepared for the wide range of looks that her work demands. From the makeup shy to goddess-look cravers, Ann can translate your vision to flawless results for any occasions.

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