Ananya Chowdhary

Ananya ChowdharyAnannya Chowdhury is a East-Indian born, self-taught, award winning artist from Dallas, Texas, USA. She is an artist with a vibrant personality that is reflected in all the art she creates. Her voice and sentiment can be felt and heard in her pieces that are meticulously painted with small brushes and lined in a way that your eyes gravitate to take a closer look at all the fine detail. Folk art and Indian history run deep for Anannya and her style almost always includes India in the heart of her paintings.
Her unique style of art has been displayed as Public Art in the Mayor’s Building, Public Library, Cafés, and internationally shown in many juried exhibitions, art magazines, and newspapers and so on. She has also won many awards over short span of time and her achievements has become inspiring to many people who admire her artwork. Ananya’s artwork is very colorful, vibrant and very detailed. She is passionateAnanya Chowdhary and fascinated with expression of rich colors on her canvas. She loves to create stimulation of eyes and brain movement with her detailed, colorful patterns and she doesn’t use pens, markers and stencils, but very traditional methods simply brush paint and sometimes bamboo sticks. She is spiritually inclined and she creates a lot of energy from her daily practice of meditation into her creation.
Each of the pattern is a combination and collision of vibrant, dynamic colors from iridescent rich colors that Ananya formulates on her unique style of mixing in variations. Each little detail work is done with perfection with blends of rich colors that mesmerizes your eyes and therefore creates a happy feeling in mind. She works on fusion of traditional and modern designs that employs an array of colors, patterns and a unique different style all together and some of the continuous lines and curves truly flowing, like the sweet flowing thoughts of her mind.
Ananya ChowdharyHer artwork takes ample patience to create, is abstract, yet it could easily be interpreted by a narrative that can be described as romantic and dreamy and is psychedelic in some manners. She calls all this as Artmantras and so she named her website Artmantras. The word mantra has two parts: man – which is the root of the Sanskrit word for mind, and tra – which is the root of the word for instrument. Artmantras is therefore an instrument of the mind which can serve to enter a deep state of creativity and rejuvenation.
She does tons of East-Indian Folk Paintings inspired from Madhubani- A 2500 years Folk Painting technique from East India and Henna Patterns as well along with her own style of psychedelic modern traditional fusion style that a unique different style all together. She also does lots of East Indian Motifs. She paints on Rice-paper painting with colorful East-Indian Spices and acrylics, she works with sand-painting, Fiber-art, foil-work, ceramic detailing, Sola-Wood work-done with razors and much more. AnanyaWoodbridge is very passionate about painting peacocks because they have lots of colors.
She would like to keep promoting colors of happy life through her artwork and she will always keep painting spice of her colorful life with happy colors spreading joy round. Happy colors bring happy thoughts. She is truly thankful that her artwork is direct reflection of her positive energy and vitality that she brings to her canvas during her moments of creation and that, she has motivated people in many ways through her artwork.

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