Amy Karp


I specialize in weddings, underwater photography, and telling silly jokes. As a photographer of Dallas wedding photography, my approach to photographing wedding clients is telling stories, but I also love to beautifully capture the details of the day. I love to show off the clothing, the rings, and the wedding stationary. It was all carefully thought out, and its my job to preserve that memory for my clients. For them to look back on from years to come knowing what kind of flowers they had in their wedding bouquet. The underwater photography side of my career has really taken off. It started as a fun creative outlet and then I realized how passionate I was about this style of photography. I have shot underwater for the Fort Worth Opera, clients all over Texas and even jumped the pond with a fabulous couple from CHINA! I still get a lot of curious people asking “WHY?”. Its not for the faint of heart…its for an adventurous client who really wants something unique and different.
Before I began shooting weddings full time, I worked in the accounting field for 8 years. I was pulling double duty as a full time office manager and shooting whenever I could. I started specializing in weddings in 2006. I worked with some amazing photographers in the Dallas area who’s work I admire and respect. Learning from some of the best wedding photographers in the Dallas area helped pave the way for where I am today. My first full year as a full-time wedding photographer was 2009. I am proud to say by the end of that year, I was nationally published in Southern Weddings Magazine. By the end of 2010 I had 3 magazine covers, a fashion editorial in Texas Wedding Guide, and many wonderful couples to call friends. I can be found in places like Martha Stewart Wedding, Junebug Weddings Worlds Best List, and more! Thank you again for stopping into my little corner of the web….I can’t wait to meet you and make fabulous images with you! Be sure to check out my blog to see what kind of adventures I am up to!

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