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Amy GolobyAmy Goloby’s new album Back to New is a folk, Americana mixture of love songs with an element of faith. In the midst of heartbreak, Amy found solace in turning to God, and her hopelessness turned to hope when she realized there was Someone bigger than herself who had everything under control. “I want other people to know the hope that I’ve found in God, so they can find healing from their hurt,” Amy says, reflecting back on moments of rejection and loneliness. With songs about waiting on unanswered prayers, broken hearts, or noticing the “least of these,” this album encapsulates her soul and reminds us where to place our focus when the going gets tough.
Recorded in Nashville with Aren Creative, the musicians include greats from Music City, such as Steve Thomas and Dave Isaacs. The album releases this Spring, followed up with a tour around Texas and surrounding regions. Amy is a Texas native who began writing songs in high school after teaching herself to play guitar. A natural-born writer and poet, she enjoyed putting rhythm and rhyme to melody. “Music was a great outlet for me at a time DASwhen I felt I had no one else to turn to,” Amy says about crafting songs in her dorm room throughout college.
After living in Austin for 3 years, she decided to pursue music as a career and released her first album in 2014 with Tate Music Group. Her debut album Left Unsaid is a compilation of songs about love and loss in her early 20s. She gets her influence from the likes of Tom Petty, Brandi Carlile, Johnnyswim, and John Mayer.
She enjoys performing anywhere from listening rooms, house concerts, coffeehouses, festivals, and wineries. She has also played for local TV and radio and has opened for Tony Ramey and Bob Livingston.

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