Alysse Renée


I am Dallas newborn, children, and family photographer serving Little Elm, Frisco, Plano, Denton and Dallas, TX area. I have a unique ability of finding the extraordinary out of what others may only consider ordinary. I notice detail and see beauty in everything, that is what sets me apart. I enjoy all styles of photography, candid shots, and colors that really pop. My personality is silly most of the time, but I know how to conduct myself in a professional environment. My natural leadership ability and managerial experience fuel my go-getter mentality which is what led me to pursue my passion with photography. Renée is my middle name. It’s French, and hearing that as a little girl made me feel special. That led me to believe that I was destined to do something of great importance, to make a difference, with a name like that. In fact, I was quite the “prima donna”, running around the house wearing whatever sparkled and shined. My number one choice was a red sequin top hat I had gotten from an old dance recital. As an adult, I may not always run around wearing the same outrageous outfits and glam, but I am just as girly at heart. Don’t let that sparkle fool you, I know how to command the situation. If that means laying in the grass or climbing a tree, I will do what it takes to get the best shot. I like to write, mainly poetry, but I rarely take the time for it like I should. I love doing hair and makeup for others, especially for special occasions! I have always had an eye for style and detail. I take pride in being the best friend I can be. Actions speak much louder than words, and as cliche as it sounds, I have found most cliches are true.
I love my family more than the air I breathe. I feel so blessed to have a family of boys!
-My husband is my rock, and better than any prince I could have dreamt up when I was a little girl. We share the same values, as we both love the Lord. He is the leader of our family, showing both our sons how to be a man, to provide for his family, cherish his wife, and give glory to God. I couldn’t be more blessed he is the example for our boys, and that God chose us for each other. -I have two little boys that inspire me every day…. My oldest has the best personality in the whole world. He is now 4 years old (and won’t stop growing), but will always be my baby. My baby boy captured my heart the moment I knew of his existence. They both have taught me how to love bigger and greater than I ever knew I could. Their smiles light up my heart and instantly remind me to thank the Lord for my many blessings! Being a mommy is my #1 job. I am making my difference through photography, building my client’s confidence from the inside, out! I feel all my talents and strengths are applied with this amazing ability to be apart of other’s lives in such an important way! So I thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to getting to know you and your family as well!

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