Alec Ryan

Piano-pop artist Alec Ryan’s music is relatable, contagious, and filled with honesty. Channeling classic influences like Billy Joel, as well as modern talent such as Ben Folds, Jack’s Mannequin, and The Fray, Alec writes music that breathes life and emotion into stories that everyone can relate to. With tender lyrics, empathetic storytelling, and energetic piano-work, Alec’s music taps into a familiar pop/rock sound, but one that is stripped of ego and agenda.
In 2016, in search of more musical opportunity, Alec packed up and moved from Iowa to Denver, where he has since made appearances at venues such as Larimer Lounge, Moon Room, Lost Lake, and Moe’s BBQ and shared the stage with Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and Beyonce collaborator, Kevin Garrett. After years of solo performances, Alec is currently working with a full band and is focused on recording his debut release with the band.
Alec Ryan’s heart is evident in every line he writes and every song he sings. Always seeking to build a sense of community and togetherness through his music, he holds strong to writing honest stories of life, love, and the lack thereof. Be on the lookout for upcoming releases and performances from Alec Ryan, as his music inevitably reaches the ears of people far and wide with an enthusiastic storytelling the world has been looking for.

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