Ty Nykole

My makeup passion began at a young age sitting in the bathroom and watching my mom carefully apply her makeup. I had no idea this tiny seed would later develop into a career in the beauty industry! In 2007, I started working as a Licensed Esthetician in Seattle with a desire to help educate clients on their skincare needs for adult onset acne and help their self-esteem.
Later down the road, I was asked by (what I believe to be the most talented bridal hair stylist in Seattle!) to work alongside her doing makeup for her bridal parties. This is when I got a taste for event styling and transformations and FELL. IN. LOVE. I worked with AMAZING event stylists in Seattle whose passions and talents inspired me to develop my confidence for taking on such a delicate responsibility…helping women look beautiful and in turn feel beautiful.
My interest in hair styling bloomed and I went back to school to become a Licensed Cosmetologist. Fast forward to 2017, My husband and I made the big leap to move from Seattle and make a home here in the majestic and beautiful Flathead Valley! Over time, while working in salons and a spa, I redirected my focus to doing 100% hair and makeup beauty experiences. What a dream!

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