Toni Gerlach

Toni Gerlach“From a young age I have always been fascinated with glass. Originally from Las Vegas I remember looking up at the sea of glass on the Bellagio’s ceiling and knowing that I wanted to learn the amazing art form. For my 15th birthday my mother enrolled me in a glass blowing class, much like those I offer today in my own studio. This was my first experience working with glass and I was hooked! I immediately enrolled in a three month course. During this time I realized I wanted to truly pursue glass blowing as a career. I then continued and still am continuing to learn the amazing craft. It is truly my life’s passion and I endeavor every day to developToni Gerlach my own style and push my limits with this incredible medium.” Toni Gerlach, BA Visual Arts Toni has studied visual arts and glass blowing at California State University San Marcos and completed apprenticeships at a variety of glass blowing studios in California, New York, Nevada, and South Dakota. Toni has her art at various art show competitions and has placed in the professional division. Pump House at Mind Blown Studio is a unique venue that mixes education, entertainment, and fine art.

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