Todd Kosharek

Todd KosharekTodd Kosharek grew up in rural southern Wisconsin with a supportive family that built him a studio at the age of thirteen. He has been devoted to painting ever since. At the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, he received a BA in Art History, focusing his attention on late eighteenth to middle twentieth century painting. Through these studies, he learned not only various approaches to technique, color theory, tonality and composition, but also about the importance of art with in the fabric of society and how this has changed through out the ages. This understanding has been an important factor in his choosing of subject matter and his continued exploration of realistic symbolism. Todd continues his study of art history while painting full time in his home studio in Jackson, Wyoming, where he has lived since 2000. He regularly takes portrait commissions and also paints the Wyoming scenery around him.
In 2007 he started his series of paintings exploring the symbolic qualities of the origami paper crane for which he is best known. The Origami Crane Series is an on-going collection of interior paintingsTodd Kosharek exploring the ancient Japanese prayer tradition of folding 1,000 cranes. These paintings are contemplations on memory, place, time and our acceptance of the nagging question “What is life?” He has also explored the concept of the origami crane as a universally accepted symbol of peace in his on-going “Project” series. These have included The Peace Project, The Perception Project and The History Project. These are equal part collaborations with his wife, choreographer Kate Kosharek, and varying other collaborators to create a correlating dance performance performed at the openings of the exhibition. His work in major private and public collections through out the United States and in Paris, France.

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