Stephen Isley

Stephen IsleyBetween the mountains of Glacier National Park and Whitefish Mountain Resort is where you’ll find us designing away. As a husband and wife team, being a part of the Whitefish Community and owning a Small Business has become who we are – And we absolutely love it. We are constantly inspired by all Montana has to offer and it often comes out through our designs. You’ll never know what to expect when you come into the gallery – A new local artist on display, Stephen working hard on a new design, employees singing along to the Beatles, or Coco-Chanel, the shop golden-doodle, ready to greet you! We take pride in our jewelry, as a majority of it is made in the shop from start to finish. Custom Projects are our lively-hood. Over the years, Stephen has formed relationships with Montana Sapphire & Montana Yogo Sapphire brokers and usually has first pick of stones. We have the capabilities of working in CAD, creating hand carved waxes, & work with any type of stone. We perform jewelry repair in house.
Stephen Isley
As a young boy growing up in Southern California, Stephen would regularly walk by a jewelry design studio and observe the jewelers creating their masterpieces. Inspired by their work, Stephen knew oneStephen Isley day he would also design and have his own studio. In the early 1970’s, Stephen took a road-trip to Montana and immediately fell in love with the beautiful glaciers and small town lifestyle of Whitefish, MT. Over the last 40 years, Stephen’s passion for Montana (Yogo) Sapphires has inspired him to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. Because of his love for Montana (Yogo) Sapphires, he has been able to cultivate relationships with different mine and gem brokers throughout the state.
Cindy Just
Cindy has always had a love for all things art and in her early teens started to pursue her art career. Oil paint was her first medium, and then came watercolor. Being a self-taught artist allowed her to explore many aspects of the art culture, including merchandising and metalsmithing. After many inspirational visits to Yellowstone Park and the Grand Tetons, she made the move from Southeastern Idaho to Whitefish, Montana hoping to get a creative spark from Glacier National Park. Once she moved to Whitefish, she had the opportunity to design jewelry & to be an apprentice metalsmith. Stephen first met Cindy, in 1988 while she was apprenticing as a silversmith & jewelry designer. They knew it was love, two of them both had the same dream in life – Owning their own gallery.
When Cindy met Stephen she knew that the partnership would be everlasting not only in business but in Stephen Isleylife. She and Stephen are great design team. Having different styles, they bounce ideas off each other and the final design concept is a combination of both styles. Cindy and Stephen’s collaboration to create a jewelry design studio has proven to be a successful venture. The gallery has a very welcoming atmosphere. It does not only have jewelry but it is filled with art, antiquities and lodge furnishings There is something for everyone. This artistic couple is continuously inspired by one another. Their styles are different, yet they collaborate together and blend the perfect amount of male & female concepts. With over 30 years of experience, Stephen has earned the title of master goldsmith and an award-winning designer. He has built a reputation for skillful workmanship with use of quality gemstones.

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