Ryan Kickland

Ryan Kickland is a songwriter and performer of original and diverse music including his own brand of moody, ominous Americana, (which he describes as “guitar-noir”) as well as rock music, folk music and film-scores. Millions of people are familiar with Kickland’s music without knowing it. His songs have been featured broadly in film and on network programs like FX’s Justified, Dateline NBC, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, Facing Trauma, Amish Out of Order, Disappeared, Dead of Night, 16X9, and many more. He was also the vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter for the Midwestern psychedelic rock band, Animalcule, which dis-banded in 2006.
Kickland is best known for his haunting and lyrically potent Americana music, which conjures mysterious imagery, seductive themes, compelling character-studies and emotionally captivating (and often amusing) story-telling. Having been raised by a poet mother and musician father and step-father, and having lived all over the United States, owning and operating a record store and dabbling through the years in night-time city photography, Kickland’s writing draws from a wide spectrum of artistic influence and personal experience. Kickland maintains his own studio and independent record label, “Trick of the Desert Records” at his home in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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