Ryan Embry

Ryan EmbryRyan Embry was born and raised in Fort Collins Colorado, where he attended Colorado State and received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Pottery under Samam Emami and Del Harrow in 2011. Ryan was a resident artist at Smokestack Pottery in Fort Collins after graduating until 2016. He then studied under Josh DeWeese and Jeremy Hatch at Montana State as a Post Bac in 2016/ 2017. Ryan is now a Studio Resident at the University of Montana working with Trey Hill and Julia Galloway. Ryan Embry
Over the past 12 years I have been exploring surface and form – first through making pottery, then slip casting, and now digital printing. Working as a potter I learned about the relationships of objects to the human body, nourishment, and function. When slip casting sculptural forms, I studied mold making to better understand how materials can be translated; shapes and textures obtained, while using hand building techniques to render forms.
Recently I have been researching 3D printing, and computer aided design to generate parts for my ceramic work. In this investigation, I am exploring how the interface of digital fabrication and intellect can interact, by Ryan Embrycombining the use of computer programs to help develop thoughts and concepts. A means to further understand ways of working, ways of thinking, and ways of seeing.
My current work is rooted in the assembly of parts and pieces. I think of these as elements to a puzzle filled with infinite possibilities and limitless potential. I want to create compositions of objects in space where the analog and digital intersect. My sculpture is inspired by the connections, between the human body, the intellect, and the machine made in a digital era.

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