Michelle Gallegos

Michelle GallegosMy passion for fashion and style has always been a huge part of who I am. Growing up, I love to play dress up and do makeovers on all my friends. I knew right away that being a makeup artist was my true calling. By using a few brushes, a palette and some lashes, I am able to transform and bring out the beautiful person that you are. After enhancing the faces natural beauty, my favorite part is to reveal to my client their new look in the mirror. I lvoe seeing a new, confident person blossom before my eyes.
Working with my lovely clients to provide them with the right cut, color and stunning makeup has grown my brand into what it is today. I have a gorgeous salon in downtown Cheyenne where I do makeup, hair,Michelle Gallegos microblading, spray tanning and just about everything you need to look and feel beautiful. While I am Wyoming girl at heart, I travel and work with clients all over the country for special events, conferences and my most favorite, body building competitions.

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