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Megon CapshawMegon can honestly say that she loves waking up every morning knowing that she is able to design spaces into lifestyles. Whether you’re undertaking new construction, remodeling, or simply looking for help with space planning and décor, this interior designer based in Casper, Wyoming, has the expertise you need! Megon grew up alongside the construction industry. Her father, respected custom home builder Michael Capshaw, believes in the fine details, a trait he has passed on to Megon. Megon graduated at the top of her class in April of 2000, after which she began working with Oakwood homes of Denver, Colorado. She helped clients make textile choices for many different exterior and interior design projects. This enabled her to broaden her skills with interior décor.
After living in Denver for more than eight years, Megon realized that she missed Casper.Megon Capshaw She moved back to achieve her dream of working side-by-side with her father. Within the first few years, she learned even more about construction, making her dad even prouder. Today, Megon knows that listening to and working closely with her clients is the only way to turn a house into a home. She works with homebuilders throughout Wyoming and is proud to maintain solid relationships with each of them. Capshaw Designs is a unique, one-of-a-kind design service. When it comes to client relationships, it’s easy to see why Megon stands out from the rest. She listens closely to their requests, and she always seeks their input before making any decisions. As an interior designer, she understands that making decisions about your home or business’s appearance can be challenging – that’s why she’s committed to making it an enjoyable experience.
Whether you’re reimagining a residential or commercial space, you have a lot to consider. Megon makes it easy by doing all the heavy lifting. She ensures each floorplan Megon Capshawis functional, harmonious, and appealing, no matter how large or small. Skip the stress of choosing each small detail yourself. Instead, leave the hard work to an interior designer that understands your tastes. There are plenty of good designers out there. However, Megon thinks that a good designer becomes a great designer when they truly listen to their clients. She seeks to understand your vision and bring it to life using years of professional design experience. Taking inspirations from a variety of different sources, she combines complementary design elements to make your interior dreams reality. Contact Megon to find out more about her experience, qualifications, or services. She serves residential and commercial clients throughout Wyoming.

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