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Lisa Lockman

Originally from Indiana, Lisa Lockman lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where she has taught Ceramics, Metalsmithing, and Non-Western Art History at Nebraska Wesleyan University for 26 years. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Lisa’s work has been exhibited at Baltimore Clayworks in Baltimore, Maryland, the Leedy-VoulkosLisa Lockman gallery in Kansas City, Missouri, and Anderson O’Brien Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.
In 1996, Lisa was invited to participate in “Korea’s Clay and Fire Symposium” and the “Winter Universiade’ 97: Ceremonial International Exhibition of Sculptors & Ceramists” in Muju-Chonju, South Korea. During the summer of 1998, she spent six weeks exploring China, Chinese ceramics, and Chinese ceramic history ina joint program sponsored by Alfred University and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Most recently she is working toward a solo exhibition entitled “Misplaced” to open in November 2017 at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City.

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