Laura Viren

Laura VirenI’ve always loved clean lines, light clay bodies, simplistic forms and minimal surface decoration. To me, the delicate porcelain clay is a blank canvas, allowing incredible versatility and offering an array of possibilities. Variations in the microcrystalline and fluid layering techniques I use accentuate the intricate forms. Every time I throw, my pottery slightly evolves, and as my skills become more refined, so do my pieces. Because of this, my pottery will continually change over the years and I look forward to seeing what it looks like in the years to come.
I believe people who are drawn to pottery are seeking an experience. Pottery is tangible. Its very existence waits for us to wake up in the morning to give it life and purpose. When we drink a cup of coffee from pottery we remember it. The way it felt on our lips, how it felt in our hands. With technology so abundant, I think we all secretly long for something more definite and familiar in our lives. We are able to enjoy the vibrant colors, shape, or textures that drew us to the piece in the first place, time and time again. These one of a kind pieces create conversation, and evoke a more personal interaction. Society alsoLaura Viren seems to be gaining an appreciation for the time and skill ceramics takes.
We realize the value of having a handmade piece of art, and are making a conscious decision to support the artist. Although there may be similarities, no two handcrafted wares are exactly the same, and technology doesn’t have a way of creating something so perfectly imperfect. I think that’s an important concept to embrace. These small imperfections make each piece unique and one of a kind. They also remind us that human hands created the object, and that it wasn’t mass produced. Technology isn’t able to apply the same intention, meaning and value to art that the human hand can.

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