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Kara TrippArtist Kara Tripp traded her brushes for a palette knife and hasn’t looked back. Sculptural and bold knife markings are trademarks of her work, often described as resembling a mosaic or collage up-close. Kara’s contemporary spin on tradition western themes defines her signature style. As a native Montanan, bison, sandhill cranes, and regional landscapes are among her favorite subjects. In 2014 she was chosen as the Sweet Pea poster artist and was awarded Best in Show for three consecutive years in the exhibition. Kara lives and works in Bozeman, MT and is the owner/artist at TRIPP Studio located in the Emerson Cultural Center 111 S. Grand Ave.
My shift to painting solely with a palette-knife was born out of frustration. The widening gapKara Tripp between my art “vision” and my art “reality” compelled me to re-think my process. The knife approach liberated me from my fixation on minuscule details and ultimately, resulted in the impressionistic style of my current work. The bands of color the palette-knife pulls through to the surface add variation and an energy to my paintings I was unable to achieve with a brush. As a native Montanan, my favorite subjects include bison, pheasants, and rural landscapes. There’s a unique quality in every artist’s markings, they are like signatures themselves.

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