Jennifer Deckert

Jennifer DeckertThe past nine years at the University of Wyoming have provided the staging ground for a variety of creative and research activities. Through the Department of Theatre and Dance I have collaborated with talented colleagues, created evening-length productions, performed in a wide range of choreography, investigated dancer wellness through research and established myself in the international dance science community. I continue to explore the creative potential of my work, the transformative power of research, and the expressive nature of performance. My true calling exists in education, with each of these aspects inspiring and guiding my teaching. Through informed, wellness oriented,Jennifer Deckert classical ballet instruction and challenging performance opportunities, students gain a strong understanding of the human spirit and body in motion.
These interlocking pieces of my career will persist in guiding me as I continue my contributions to the field of dance and dancer wellness. My choreography spans a range of genres from musical theatre to classical ballet. It has been presented by ALTA Theatre in the Czech Republic, at the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, at the University of Wyoming, the American Jennifer DeckertCollege Dance Festival Association, Turks & Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation, and several other universities and dance institutions. I strive to produce work that excites me as a choreographer, and challenges my students both technically and emotionally. Each work is a unique experience and often a landmark in my own personal journey. Drawing inspiration from life, music, writings and art, my choreography explores the complexities of expression through a visceral landscape.

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