Jeff Troxel

Jeff is a guitarist and educator based out of northern Wyoming. He holds music degrees from Northwest College, Berklee College of Music, and the University of Southern California. Jeff has taught at USC, University of Laverne, Rocky Mountain College, and Central Wyoming College, and is currently teaching full-time at Northwest College in Powell, WY. An author for Mel Bay and FGM Publishing, Jeff also serves on the faculty for several music camps.
As a composer, Jeff’s music is featured on several public television shows, and he is a two-time recipient of the Wyoming Arts Council’s Performing Arts Fellowship in music composition. He has won songwriting awards from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the IBMA. As a guitarist, he has won state flatpicking championships in Wyoming, Utah, as well as the 2003 National Championship.
Jeff has shared the stage with Pete Huttlinger, Mike Dowling, Chuck Pyle, Tish Hinojosa, Bobby Shew, Matt Flinner, Larry Koonse, Frank Mantooth, Ronnie Bedford, Jack Reilly, Warren Chiasson, and many others. He is a roster artist for the Wyoming Arts Council and is available for concerts, clinics and workshops.
Jeff Troxel blends into diverse musical roles the way a chameleon blends into its surrounding environment. An award-winning musician who easily crosses musical boundaries, he is, in equal parts, a jazz and flatpicking guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, educator, and recording engineer. And he not only wears all these hats, but wears them well, as is evidenced by his numerous accomplishments and awards.
Rising from the Plains was recorded in Los Angeles with USC’s premier jazz ensemble ELF under the direction of Shelly Berg. Jeff was the guitarist and main composer for the group as a grad student, and this recording is a collection of his original compositions arranged for five horns and six rhythm section players. Glynfiddle, a collaboration with violinist Randy Tracy and bassist Ralph Sappington, is a collection of traditional Scottish and Irish fiddle tunes.
November Sidewalk was Jeff’s first singer/songwriter recording project featuring original songs along with some traditional flatpicking tunes. This was also his debut as a recording and mixing engineer. Guest musicians include Gordon Burt and Ben Winship. Dancing in the Flame picks up where November Sidewalk left off. Guest artists include his old Berklee friend Pete Huttlinger, and fiddler Trevor Krieger.
Spirit of our Time is a collaborative project with Trevor Krieger featuring original and traditional music, along with arrangements of songs by Lennon/McCartney and Kat Goldman. The Next Project is not yet ready to be defined, but is always in the works, and will doubtless bring enormous challenges and rewards, along with exciting musical partnerships.

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