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Jeff BrauerI’m chef Jeff Brauer. I was born in Kentucky and raised in Montana. My interest in cooking started at a young age when my mother cooked a variety of classical French dishes. As a young adult I furthered my hands-on culinary education by eating my way through Europe, Northern Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. I graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Agricultural Business, then received further education at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia.
After graduating, I worked for 3 years and was promoted to sous chef for the James Beard, award-winning chef, Chuck Schommer. Under Schommer’sJeff Brauer tutelage I’ve learned “the time and effort that goes into making gourmet Montana food.” I later went on to work as Executive Chef at the Newport Syndicate in Greater Cincinnati where I oversaw the fine-dining restaurant, large banquets, and catering events. I enjoy my Montana roots and all this area has to offer. I’m please to offer my services as personal chef to fellow Montanans and visitors to the region.

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