Jairus Nobel

Jairus NobelHaving lived in both the eclectic bustle of the city and quiet of the rural countryside, Jairus is a charismatic progressive and rare gem among his modern hairdressing peers. What sets him apart is his raw talent and passion for the artistry of style, and the special touches he adds to his design filled space. A true renaissance man, his hours spent honing the vogue craft and constant appetite to learn is the foundation for a bright future in his ambitious career. Jairus has created a place within the mere 550 square feet of his two chair salon where he leaves you looking and feeling superbly better than when you came. He brings out the bestJairus Nobel in you, and brings harmony to your hair breathing new life into your spirit… once compared to a Shaman, well, we’ll let you decide.
When you chance yourself an exclusive one on one appointment in Jairus Noble Salon at the heart of Jackson Hole, you’ll see elements from both natural and worldly influences to form an ambience of sleek chic. From the multinational fashion editorials beckoning you atop the cowhide ottoman, to the copper and barn wood walls lining the entrance, you won’t be able to contain the strut that immerses to the electric music filling the space. Fresh flowers, fragrant candles, a chilled drink in hand, current runways streaming on the flat screen… not even Cleopatra had it so good! The entire experience gives you a grand view to your greatest potential. He’s a genius, and we’re obsessed. That’s all.

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