Copper Mountain Band

Copper Mountain BandCopper Mountain Band is a high-energy, mainstream, country music group with family roots that lie deep in the history of Montana. Israel and Nate are cousins whose family has a homestead on Copper Mountain, which is located in Troy, Montana. In 2001, Nate and Israel were introduced to Jacque during a music competition in Polson, MT. A couple months later, they competed against Jacque again in Spokane, WA. It was at this point they decided to combine talents. They wrote together, and did a few nearby contests, but remained close friends, no band formed. In 2003, Nate and Jacque went on to be married, and Nate taught Jacque to play guitar. Israel joined different bands singing and playing guitar, where he was introduced to Casey.
It was in 2007, when they all decided to go down the path of music together that Copper Mountain Band was formed. They competed in a country showdown, and after winning and advancing to state, they decided to keep the momentum going. Less than a year later, they decided to add on a leadCopper Mountain Band guitar member and found skills in their cousin Shawn Tong. He played with them for 4 years before parting ways, and in 2012, Steve came to join Copper Mountain Band. Copper Mountain Band appeals to all audiences as they incorporate music from many genres and styles into their performances. They have found a way to give cover tunes a whole new dimension and they have outstanding original material as well.
CMB has recorded two albums featuring several songs written by band members Jacque Jolene, Israel David, and Nate Norman. They have also received praise for their rendition of Cher’s “Just Like Jesse James”. Copper Mountain Band has energy on stage like no other group out there. They Copper Mountain Bandtruly come alive when the music starts. They are a one-of-a-kind group with a fiery passion for their craft. The band plays more than 150 dates a year throughout the US and abroad and continues to build their fan base on their way to the top! Copper Mountain Band has performed for a wide range of venues; from opening major headliners to backing Nashville solo artists.

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