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Chad Ziemendorf My photography has nothing to do with me. I don’t wake up every day to make better pictures, I set out to tell better stories. Because I care so deeply for the story, my pictures get better. Great pictures are the symptom of my desire to illuminate a subject. In turn, my life has nothing to do with me. When those around me are better, I am better. It is an honor when a company or person invites me into their world. I realized that I had a gift for making the corporateChad Ziemendorf world look more personable, and that my clients are delighted when they see for themselves that “corporate” does not mean rigid or stale. Through my pictures, my clients can showcase the most authentic representation of themselves. After all, it is real humans that run the corporate world, each with their own triumphs, defeats, goals and relationships that make them who they are.

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