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Casper Spirit Dance & CheerCasper Spirit is a program promoting self-confidence, performance opportunities, and elite training to ensure that our youth have the solid fundamental skills necessary to succeed in any dance/cheer program. The competitive dance and cheer world is vastly growing, don’t get left behind! Be a part of Casper Spirit Dance & Cheer Competition Team and experience dance and cheer like never before! Casper Spirit believes that being involved in competitive dance and cheer develops confidence, accountability, and leadership. In our program, competitors have the opportunity to perform for large crowds and compete against many other teams from all over the country.
Casper Spirit always maintains a high standard of age appropriate routines and uniforms for our dancers. We strongly encourage our competitors to do their best and improve from one competition to the next and most of all have fun! Each child in our program is encouraged to not compare themselves to the next child but rather, “compete against themselves”. This means constantly striving to be their personal best. Competition members work hard for extremely rewarding results!
Devon Sisneros Schulte
(Head Coach/Director)
Devon and her husband moved from Las Vegas, NV to Casper, WY. Having been blessedCasper Spirit Dance & Cheer with so many amazing performance experiences, Devon now wants to give back to the youth of Casper by sharing with them her passion for dance and all that she has learned. Even as a working artist, she is constantly taking classes to keep up on technique and stay inspired. She has experience working with all ages and enjoys helping and encouraging young performers so that they may grow to their full potential. Devon attributes all of her accomplishments and experiences to GOD. Devon cannot wait to share Casper Spirit with the youth of Casper and provide them with numerous performance opportunities and a dance/cheer experience unlike any other in Wyoming!

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