Brian Goff

Brian GoffAfter working for other design firms for 20 years, Brian Goff was led to start a studio of his own during the summer months of 2008. Since then his business has seen exponential growth. He is well known in the greater Jackson Hole area for his dedication to his loyal clientele and brilliant creative approach. Top architects in the area look forward to working with Brian because of his broad knowledge of structural design, extensive experience, and strong work ethic. He has expertise in every stage of the home construction process, from creating floor plans to choosing the silverware on the table. Brian is adamant that the process of design and execution of that process is vitally important to the customer experience and the success of the

Brian Goff project.
It is for this reason that his firm employs structured measures to ensure that at the end of a project the client will say, “In addition to fulfilling our dreams and ambitions Brian Goff Interior Design has delivered an absolutely wonderful experience”. Brian won’t stamp a job as complete until his customer is absolutely pleased with the end product. Brian is particularly gifted with fabrics. He finds the colors, moods and textures that fabrics convey to a room are the difference between repetitious interior design and individual self-expression. Since his goal is to make your home a very personalized masterpiece, he works with only the finest showrooms, carpenters, painters, and craftsmen to create Brian Goffcustom pieces that are yours alone. He places great importance on the fluid blending of colors, textures, and furniture from room to room. Brian feels that a home must fulfill the vision of the owner in both form and function.
There is no wasted space or unused rooms in any of his designs. Brian has an extensive background and experience in every interior design style from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. One of his favorite pursuits is the customer who is looking for a more eclectic look rather than one narrowly defined genre throughout their home. He strives to find the accents and details that make every room a testament to the owner’s panache. In addition, Brian won’t succumb to home fashion trends that are short-lived and you would soon tire of.Brian Goff He will create a timeless look you will enjoy living with for years. Because of his dedication to his client’s best interests, Brian’s customers return to him over and over again. He’s completed remodels and new homes from coast to coast for his returning patrons.

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