Will Blaze


Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Will developed an ear for music at a young age through the church. His mother cultivated his love for Gospel music, but his father exposed him to his love for Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, Funk, and even Folk music. Just one listen to his voice and through is catalogue, and you will certainly see all those influences in action. He has shared the stage or worked with names such as Hubb’s Groove, Joe Little of The Rude Boys, Grammy Nominated Jazz Trumpet Curtis Taylor, Durand Bernarr, Talib Kweli, Vice Soulectric, G. Huff, MatlockOnTheBeat, BKA Watts, Nefertitti Avani, and Philip K Jones II to name a few. He credits his influences and these experiences for his current focus and growth as an artist and is now ready for the world to hear his voice.
That said, after nearly 2 years, he has finally completed his first full length LP entitled Exposure, lead by the break-up anthem “New Shoes (feat. Arrogant). Complete with 15 songs, it takes several love/relationship experiences and fashions it all into one cohesive story explaining the cycle of dating in the club scene and what it has to offer. Things might look good initially, but you come to learn everything isn’t always what it seems. Ultimately, that season ends and you find yourself right back where you started, searching for love again (in the wrong places).
He has also released a new stand alone single called “…for you” which uses the complex palette of harmonies, Jazz stylings, an infectious sample, and Hip-Hop groove to simply express his desire to do anything and everything for the love of his life.

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