Victoria Schafer

Victoria describes herself as a candid-lifestyle photographer. She loves close-ups, the small details, and she loves looking through the lens and that moment when it all comes together and a beautiful picture is created. The perfect picture that captures the personalities of her subjects and the emotions of the moment.
She’s a no-frills, less is more kind of photographer. Her style is informal, fun and relaxed as she works to create images that cannot be created in a studio alone. She takes the time to take the best candid-lifestyle portraits; the kind that can be cherished for years to come.
Having four children of her own, she knows first-hand how quickly our lives evolve and change. That’s why she’s so passionate about helping you capture the beautiful moments in life, so you’ll always remember them as they are today.
This takes time and isn’t always an easy task, which is why she’ll set up appointments at your home, on location or in her studio. Either way, there’s no waiting and no rushing.
She wants to give you and/or your family the time and environment needed to become comfortable in front of the camera and to have fun.

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