Timothy Hayes Callaghan


I am a painter. Yes, like fine art. I paint all kinds of things. Yea, people sometimes but primarily paintings about place. Well I guess you could categorize them as landscapes but sometimes they are just still lifes. Places around my neighborhood or even my backyard. They are familiar to me I see them almost everyday. I don’t find it banal, because when we look at something for a long time it changes and we begin to see it differently. I suppose that’s what attracted me to painting in the first place. The fact you can look at the same thing for practically ever, and each time it’s an entirely different image. That’s what it means. The paintings, they are about me looking at my immediate surroundings; the places, people, and things I see everyday. Yes sometimes, but its not really about the sales. I also teach painting. I do like it; I see it as part of my process. Sharing how powerful it is to slow your self down and really look at something.

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