Ted Lawson

I am a contemporary artist who designs and paints in watercolor. When I am not painting in watercolor I may be taking photos for my sketchbook to paint later or I may be teaching watercolor painting to people that want to learn to design and paint in watercolor or I may be traveling the world looking for people and things to paint later or I may be playing golf or thinking about painting my next entry for watercolor society competition. But then there is the time I spend exhibiting watercolor paintings at my Cleveland Ohio gallery space. So, there is a lot of watercolor involved in what I am all about.
It took me a while to get to this point. I’m from Indiana but grew up in Phoenix Arizona. I’m a US Navy veteran who deployed three times to Yankee Station during the Viet Nam conflict. I was always interested in art but not enough to go to art school. I chose engineering instead. But I studied with the best watercolor teachers I could find and was coached by my favorite teacher, Bette Elliott.
I live in Canton Ohio with Patricia, a “cat lady” who is a former high school Spanish teacher. Our one daughter, Emily is a theatre attorney. She and her husband Guy work in the Broadway production niche in Manhattan. I’m a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. I’m represented by Gallery + in Cleveland Ohio at the 78th Street Studios.

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