Suzanne Price & Daniel Price

We are one part Suzanne Price, one part Daniel Price, and bushels of wonderment, silliness, creativity, and love.
Give us a minute and we’ll tell you that, once upon a time, our lives came tumbling toward one another and, within the span of a year we were hanging out on roof tops, going for bike rides in the Metroparks, photo walking, and falling in love. Give us an hour and we’ll probably make you watch our wedding video.
2017 ushers us into our 8th year of making photos together. In the past eight years we dated, got engaged, got married, and celebrated anniversaries. We’ve cried tears of joy under the spectacle of the aurora borealis. We’ve stood by our families in the face of illness. We’ve watched our nieces and nephews enter the world. We’ve hugged and kissed our dogs way more than we should. We’ve lived out our stories in the fullest possible way, and we know that you do to. We’d love to share some of those moments with you.
We might wield our cameras in different ways (Dan is a gear nerd with tons of technical grace, and Suzanne is an imaginative composer, forever framing), but the result is a harmonious look at a singular story. We love being spontaneous, and we know well that in order to be spontaneous one has to be prepared. We love style, but not fussiness. We love tradition, but we also thrive on thinking beyond expectations and creating something magical. Above all else we want our clients to feel comfortable in their own skin, to have fun, and perhaps even forget that we are even there.
Suzanne Price
Suzanne first became infatuated with photography when her parents bought her a 110 camera for a junior high school trip. Her mother’s meticulously kept family photo albums sealed the deal.
Suzanne holds a BFA in Photography and has a degree in Arts Education. She taught in Japan for a few years before returning to the States to devote herself fully to her craft. She is an avid weaver and painter, and is equally enamoured with travel and her new home near the Lake Erie coastline.
Daniel Price
Dan is a self taught photographer who first fell in love with the craft when his father leant him a 35mm Konica. In addition to being a photographer, Daniel is a talented percussionist, playing in several Cleveland area bands and teaching drums at The Beck Center in Lakewood, Ohio.
He loves tinkering with and riding his 70’s Honda motorbike, creating beautiful objects in his woodshop, and recording musical projects.

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