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Nu Covenant consists of three brothers Willie, Michael, Marc McMillon and cousin Christopher Merritt, ranging from the ages of 28-32. Alongside their ability to sing, Nu Covenant also plays the drums, bass guitar, piano and the trumpet. Nu Covenant was formed in 2005 after the brothers were involved in a tragic car accident that almost took their lives. As a result of this near death experience, Nu Covenant decided to commit their lives to a greater cause. Residing in a city where many needs go unmet and where people have been brutally beaten and even murdered, it is Nu Covenant’s personal belief that it is going to take love to change the world and this was the beginning of Nu Covenant’s movement known as “Love Draws”. “Its experiencing the Love of God that draws us closer to Him and Motivates us to Love People.”
They are passionate about encouraging those who have suffered abuse of any kind and desire to offer hope to those who have been afflicted by life and have felt unwanted, violated, and even neglected. Nu Covenant aspires to be mentors for the misunderstood and misguided; therefore they dedicate their lives to release songs that will inspire people who feel lost and broken. It is their hope that through their music many can find the strength to live another day.
Nu Covenant is driven by a force greater than their own to help create a movement that will impact generations by showing people what true love really is. It is their ultimate purpose to travel the world, spreading this love through their songs and showing it through various charitable services. They have started within their own community by walking around giving hugs, and encouragement trying to fulfill any needs necessary, with hopes to take this movement all over the world. Nu Covenant are Founders of the Social Media Show “Stringless Love” Where the members of Nu Covenant goes around displaying acts of Love with no strings attached.
Nu Covenant made The Top 48 in Season 5 on America’s Got Talent, and has shared the stage with National recording artist “The Walls Group”, Canton Jones, Sunday’s Best Season 4 Winner Amber Bullock, Sunday’s Best Season 7 Winner Geoffrey Golden, Johnathan Dunn, Lexi, L.E.D and Amy Jo Scott. They also won 1st place in the Arts Showcase Competition and participated in events such as The Award Winning United Festival, The Christian Acts Showcase, City Wide Youth Explosion, Cleveland Worship Weekend, and SummerFest.
Willie Mcmillon
Willie Charles McMillon III, 32, is Husband to Mya McMillon and a Father of 5. He plays the piano, organ, drums, trumpet and Bass. He has had the honor of playing for Sunday’s Best Season 7 winner, Geoffrey Golden, FunkyardX, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Daniel Johnson, Douglas Miller and Miranda Curtis Willis. He is currently the band teacher at Cleveland School of the Arts (lower campus).His goal is to travel the world and spread the love of God and be a light to his people.
Michael Mcmillon
Michael McMillon, 31, is Husband to Riley McMillon and a Father of two. He holds an Associates degree in business and is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He plays the bass guitar, drums and piano. His vision is to travel the world and spread the love of Christ by motivating people to pursue their purpose, discover their destiny and give them the tools needed to fulfill it. His passion for music is moved by his desire for people to see the same miracles today, that were manifested over 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked this earth.
Marc mcmillon
Marc McMillon, 28, is a paraprofessional/mediation counselor at John Hay High School. He is a songwriter and also plays the drums and piano.His goal in life is to show the love of God to everyone he meets through his actions, speaking and music.
Christopher Merritt
Christopher Michael Merritt, 28, is a Father of 4 and enjoys singing, acting, dancing and occasional modeling. Growing up he was involved with his local church(s) choir and participated in school talent shows.He has a heart for people and therefore strives to make people smile.

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