Nate Jones

Nate Jones is a Cleveland-based singer-songwriter, bandleader, and private event performer who has spent several years as a full-time musician in his previous homes of San Francisco and New Orleans.
As a solo performer, he has sung and played guitar at wedding ceremonies, receptions, wineries, and corporate events, as well as birthday, graduation, retirement, and anniversary parties. His musical style is a soulful take on the 1970s singer-songwriter genre, with added elements of jazz and blues. His vocal range is between 2 and 3 true, non-falsetto octaves, and his guitar playing is versatile, ranging from soft fingerstyle to funky and percussive strumming and slapping.
The material he performs can be tailored to your preference. His repertoire consists of several hundred songs, as well as an extensive catalog of strong published original material.

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