Moira, the Cincinnati, Ohio dream-pop trio, paint meticulously layered soundscapes coupled with haunting vocals and intricate rhythms that reveal to listeners their meticulous and involved creative process.
Formerly of Vanity Theft, lead vocalist and pianist, Alicia Grodecki, has honed in on her pop sensibilities while taking them to a new realm of haunting melodies and ethereal Rhodes compositions. Backed by an unrivaled rhythm section consisting of Aaron Hardy and Patrick Hague (both hailing from hardcore punk backgrounds), Moira’s blend of modern electronic and old-school analog instruments gives Asleep/Repeat/Awake a sound that is eerily familiar, yet wholly unique.
Their first single, “Midwestern Waste,” is a perfect example of their hybrid methods. Opening with hypnotic piano over top of calculated samples, this track organically builds into a whirlwind of quick witted drums and subtle refrain that encapsulates the EP in its entirety.
On their debut release, Moira has seamlessly forged a modest collection of songs with the ingenuity of a band that has been writing densely layered music for well over a year. For those seeking infectious pop that has been laced with a dose of wistful despair, Asleep/Repeat/Awake is not to be missed.

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